Established in 1972, Willistown Country Day School is one of the area’s leading learning institutions for children.

Based on the research of the world-renowned educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, the program uses each child’s unique individuality and personality as a basis for his/her educational endeavors. Willistown Country Day students utilize their firm foundation to gain success in all later educational ventures as well as in their ethical and moral development.

Parents seek the best education for their children in the Montessori Method. They know their children must unravel the miracles of mathematics, learn from the past through history, and experiment with the elements to seek new possibilities in the sciences. It is only through academic freedom that new discoveries are made.

The phenomenal growth of Montessori throughout the United States in both private and public schools is a testimonial to the great lifelong work of Dr. Maria Montessori, “the greatest educator of modern times,” according to a past president of the United Nations. There are currently more then 6,000 Montessori schools in the United States and thousands more throughout the world.

What we all want for our children is health, a full development of intellect, harmonious relationships, ability to benefit from leisure, attainment of job satisfaction and freedom to learn.

At Willistown Country Day School we are proudly embarking on our 43rd year offering Montessori education in pre-school through elementary grade levels. Our founding director, Marilyn E. Reeves, graduated from the renowned St. Nicholas Training Center in London and the Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani in Bergamo, Italy.

In April 2004, Marilyn’s daughter, Lynda Reeves D’Ascanio, was named Executive Director. She graduated from Immaculata University with honors and holds Montessori certifications along with additional training at the St. Nicholas Training Center. Our experienced, dedicated staff is gifted in the art of individualized learning in a prepared environment.

Thousands of graduates have acclaimed the wonderful education they experienced at Willistown Country Day School, and laud the program that gave them a foundation rich in culture, knowledge and self esteem.


Marilyn Reeves was educated at West Chester University, with graduate work at Villanova, Temple, Penn State, and Immaculata.  She was a graduate with honors from the St. Nicholas Training Centre in London. She held a degree in Advanced Montessori for elementary grades from the Centre Internazionale Studi Montessoriani, Bergamo, Italy. She studied with Signore Grazzini, assistant to Mario Montessori, and with Signora E. Honegger, pupil of Dr. Maria Montessori and co-worker of Mario Montessori.